Sunday, May 10, 2015

It's Sunday afternoon and I leave the day after tomorrow. This morning, I let Gabbi out to do her business at around 6:30. Based on the amount of light then, I estimate that I'll be able to leave about 6:45am Tuesday. Sunrise is at 6:41am. I am a little nervous and my left knee is a little tender. Not exactly a good way to start a 388 mile journey.

Here are some pictures of everything that is going with me. The first picture is of everything that is going - attached, worn or packed. The rest are zoom-ins of certain categories. The only thing not pictured here is what I will be wearing the day I leave - Helmet,gloves jersey,shorts, arm and leg warmers, shoes and sunglasses.

The Bags
The Clothes
Pack-able Electronics

1 comment:

  1. How much did all this stuff weigh?
    You sound pretty upbeat after day one, how are you feeling?
    I'm not hearing any complaints.
    On your live tracking it says that "The activity is not yet complete, but the tracking session has ended.
    6:28 PM EDT" Do you think it might update later?
    I'm proud of you for doing this on your own! Be safe!