Monday, May 18, 2015

New foe...old one finally died

Sunday,south of Abbeville Alabama, the extreme hills and mountains melted away into flat terrain as I came into Dothan. That wasn't the only thing that melted. The "feels like" temperature reached into the 90s. Gummy vitamins melted into one big blob, honey packs exploded, insulated water bottles became thermos bottles for hot Gatorade, navigational electronics started to fail, 70 spf sunscreen gave up, and I withered. I'm afraid the next two days will be more of the same. Only thing I can do is leave at first light and pray for overcast skies - even a light rain shower. On the plus side is the flatness! I had 12, 8, and 9% grades coming into Abbeville yesterday. Today's ride has one maybe 3% grade. The world is flat! Gotta go ride.

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