Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pineapple Willies at last

I knew I smelled sea salt,lime and TEQUILA. 388 miles - 8 days... Zoom in real close on the Marquee sign. It says Congraulations Cliff.. Chattanoogd to Panama City Beach. Still had to pay for my drink though. Had a flat tire 8 miles from finish. Next time Continental Gator Tires... Made with extra Kevlar. Old man signing off!

Getting Close Now!!

I can smell sea salt. Lime and something else... Heat relief stop at Gulf Community College Lynn Haven Florida. Feet are on fire. Heat Index in the 90s. May take a nap.

Bay County Florida

I can smell sea salt and something that resembles lime

The Infamous Sunny Hills Community

Top of only hill for the day... Still averaging 14.4_MPH. Short break to hydrate and then ride some more. 7:52 central... Starting to get warm I can smell sea salt from here in the air.


Third city in Florida... First stop of last day
Mile 8.85 and 42.5 to go. Flat is wonderful. Average speed at this point is 16 MPH. Won't last though because I have the only hills of today's ride coming up between miles 9 - 13. After that though things will get flat again. No cell coverage at all on T-Mobile or AT@T, so I'm sure live track only worked for a short while out of Chipley. Gotta go ride.

Monday, May 18, 2015

First City in Florida


Hello Florida!!!!

Compare this photo to the Google Street View photo I posted in today's blog. The road is actually better in Alabama. Note to Ed... I never found anyone in Alabama who had heard of you but they all knew Bo Jackson and Can Newton. Go figure!!