Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 3 Thursday 5-14-15 Bremen to LaGrange

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The ride from Bremen to LaGrange is mostly rolling to down hill. It is the longest ride of the trip at 55.7 miles. -479 ft. in elevation for the day with a peak 7.3% grade at mile 33. Longest stretch without marked water stop is 16 miles (mile 37-53). Early in the ride - mile 10 - passes through downtown Carrollton Georgia near the campus of the University of West Georgia. Lots of Downtown (College Town) restaurants, coffee houses and shops. Kroger Marketplace (w/Starbucks) at mile 11. Walmart at mile 12. This picture of Bill resting on some roadside benches is from the Panama City trip but I'm not sure exactly where we were. It looks like I'm drying out my bags (on the left) and Bill has a trash bag over his. This may have been after a rain shower.
1980's Rest Stop

I will need to stock up on food and water in Franklin (m.32-32.5). CVS at mile 53.2. Probably should buy snacks for the next day at CVS since there is not a Grocery stores near our Motel. Golden Bike Shop is at mile 53.7 - if needed. I plan to stay at Baymont Inn in LaGrange - mile 55.1 (107 Hoffman Dr, LaGrange, GA 30241 (706) 885-9002). Cracker Barrel, Chick-fil-a, Applebee's, Longhorn Steak, Starbucks and LaGrange Mall are all within walking distance. There is a GNC in the LaGrange Mall that might have energy snacks.

Day 3 - Elevation and Grades

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